Fireside Chat Ep. 64 - The Problem With Mass Immigration - NAMELY LIBERTY

Friday, January 17th 2020, 2:34:25 pm
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Dennis Prager talks immigration, Donald J. Trump's recent address, and more in his latest Fireside Chat!Referenced by Dennis:The Most Important Question About Abortion Rational Bible: Genesis

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Celeb chef Michael Chiarello's marriage is cooked -- he's filed for divorce -- and says the pandemic's making it impossible to meet his spousal support obligations....
Lucas Grabeel thinks he would not be cast to play the gay character, Ryan, if "High School Musical" were being produced today....
Officers cleared the woodland near Eston, Teesside, and scolded revellers for heaping an unnecessary 'burden' onto the NHS. They also asked parents to check the 'whereabouts of children'....

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