Ep. 448: The Alluring Alt-Right (With Jeffrey Tucker) - NAMELY LIBERTY

Monday, January 20th 2020, 8:34:41 am
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A few days after Hillary Clinton's speech about Donald Trump and the Alt-Right, Jeffrey Tucker returned to School Sucks to discuss -the swinging pendulum of extremism -his attempts to build alliances between libertarians and right-wingers with Murray Rothbard in the early 90s -the ideological origins of modern nativism, nationalism and protectionismAlso Discussed: -Five Differences Between the Alt-Right and Libertarianism -Thomas Carlyle, the Founding Father of Fascism -a tiny doorway of legitimate concerns - social engineering and the forceful end of debate - through which a deluge of violence and insanity can poor -Trump's fascist talking points and ideations all have corollaries or mirrors on the left -a moratorium on calling people racists? A word that now means nothing -Alt-Right view: hopelessness and maybe even naiveté of libertarianism -Shame bananas -collectives on the move -everything is a zero-sum game (Trump's hostility towards free trade) -actually fighting political correctness -the left's racism problemGet the Books:Look Closer: JeffreyTucker.me FEE.org Jeffrey Tucker On School Sucks Podcast Omnipotent Government: The Rise of the Total State and Total War

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