Ep. 500: Patrick Byrne - A Vision For Education - NAMELY LIBERTY

Saturday, January 25th 2020, 8:43:07 am
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Patrick Byrne is the CEO of Overstock.com and the Chairman of EdChoice. EdChoice, originally developed by Milton Friedman, is now a national leader in school choice research. EdChoice publishes studies, surveys, legislative analyses and blog posts to help the public, the media and key stakeholders understand how school choice is affecting families and students across the United States and internationally.Patrick and I sat down at Porcfest to discuss the history of the school choice movement, political frustrations, and his efforts to promote his vision for education.Please Support School Sucks Our Amazon Wish List Donate With Bitcoin Or Join the A/V Club Support Us On Patreon Shop With Us At AmazonYour continued support keeps the show going and growing, which keeps us at the top of the options for education podcasts and leads to new people discovering this message. This subscription also grants you access to the A/V Club, a bonus content section with 200+ hours of exclusive audio and video.If you are a regular consumer of our media, please consider making a monthly commitment by selecting the best option for you...A/V Club - Basic Access - $8.00/Month AP Club - "Advanced" Access - $12.00/Month Sigma Sigma Pi - Full Access - $16.00/Month 

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