Watch Live: AG Barr Signals Discomfort With Bill Gates’ Vaccine Agenda

Thursday, April 9th 2020, 10:52:04 pm
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To buy, sell, travel & work, every human on earth will be forced to take a digital, implanted ID to 'prove' Covid-19 inoculation

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A weekly report by the Office for National Statistics showed there were 438 deaths in the week up to October 9, increasing from 321 the week before and doubling 215 the week before that....
Mathew Flame, 22, allegedly bashed Liam Anderson, 26, to death at a park in Queenscliff in Sydney's Northern Beaches on November 4, 2018....
Detroit is recruiting and training thousands of election workers in hopes of getting it right — and ensuring every vote counts — when the presidency is at stake. ...

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