Fireside Chat Ep. 130 — Has the Lockdown Worked? - NAMELY LIBERTY

Wednesday, April 22nd 2020, 7:58:19 am
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Yet again, predictive computer models fail to predict. The coronavirus variance from region to region appears to contradict those models—and the quarantine and lockdown strategies recommended by experts do as well. What to make of it all? Dennis offers his thoughts.Dennis's column referenced: Stuffed Version Of Your Dog? 1:06 What “The Economy” Actually Means 3:24 Experts Influencing Policy 5:37 Knowledge Vs. Wisdom 7:41 Good Intentions Without Wisdom 8:51 Lockdown Affecting The World 11:08 Are Fewer Deaths Due To Lockdown? 14:06 Otto Interruption 14:35 What About Florida? 16:25 Terrible Prices Being Paid 18:24 Why Do We Raise The Speed Limit? 19:08 Approach To Stimulus Checks 21:09 Debt Due To Government Help 23:50 Prayer: God Is Not Our Butler 26:23 Success And Character 27:50 Bigger Government, Smaller Citizen 30:17 Dog Chaos Builds, See You Next Week

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