Unmasked - Have We Uncovered The Truth About The 2020 Election | Who is John Galt?

Thursday, May 27th 2021, 3:29:47 pm
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This is a 16 minute video that does an excellent job of highlighting the absolute worst of the 2020 election fraud perpetrated against President Trump.

NOTE: I did not make this video, but am simply uploading to GabTV for archival purposes since YouTube and Vimeo cancelled / censored it.

You can download the video here: https://swarm-gateways.net/bzz:/3f06a2c4e5fc112c1f6d1e63df3138b92ffb105353278db70bc3764078234131/Unmasked%20-%20Have%20We%20Uncovered%20The%20Truth%20About%20The%202020%20Election.mp4

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