NOT YET | the Mamas & the Pepes

Friday, June 11th 2021, 8:29:31 pm
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Black man, black man, why do you riot? I get mad, too but I don't try it. At least not yet. Not yet. Not yet.

Hurr'can comes, you're out there looting. Hot summer nights, you're out there shooting. When will it end? Not yet. Not yet. Not yet.

They say we all should live as one-- embrace diversity

But peace and love are far away-- where I would rather be

Somewhere I can be myself-- and raise my family

Somewhere where I feel at home-- and get by financially

We're not there yet .. oh no, Not yet. NOT YET.

Now that cops have body cameras No more patience for them dramas Will you now behave? Not yet. Not yet.

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