JARS OF CLAY (SELF TITLED) (Full 💿) | Jono✝️

Tuesday, June 22nd 2021, 5:01:53 pm
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"Liquid" - 3:32 (Matt Bronleewe, Charlie Lowell, Stephen Mason, Josh Cougle, Miguel DeJesus)

"Sinking" - 3:47 (Lowell, Mason, Dan Haseltine, Matt Odmark)

"Love Song for a Savior" - 4:46 (Haseltine, Bronleewe, Lowell, Mason)

"Like a Child" - 4:35 (Haseltine, Bronleewe, Lowell, Mason)

"Art In Me" - 3:58 (Haseltine, Bronleewe, Lowell, Mason)

"He" - 5:19 (Haseltine, Bronleewe, Lowell, Mason)

"Boy on a String" - 3:31 (Haseltine, Bronleewe, Lowell, Mason)

"Flood" - 3:31 (Haseltine, Odmark, Lowell, Mason)

"Worlds Apart" - 5:18 (Haseltine, Odmark, Lowell, Mason)

"Blind" - 3:59 (Haseltine, Odmark, Lowell, Mason)

"Four Seven" (hidden track) - 2:38

Strings Studio Session for Blind (hidden track) - 18:35


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