19 - The Return of Trump | Brian OKelly

Wednesday, June 30th 2021, 3:59:41 am
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19 – The Return of Trump

  1. Miami a. Collapse Video b. Death Toll is at 9
  2. Heatwave Simmers the NW
  3. Women push back against MAN in women’s room
  4. Flashback a. McAfee on Trump b. McAfee Widow Speaks Out
  5. Chauvin Verdict a. Van Jones Responds b. George Floyd’s Brother
  6. Blinken Visits Pope to Reset US Vatican Relations
  7. Filibuster a. AOC – senate amplifies minority power b. Sara Isgur – Biden Snatched Victory from Defeat
  8. Trump Rally a. Crowd Chants – Lock Her Up – Pelosi b. Crowd Erupts over MTG – Impeach Biden c. Trump – Press Sec with the Extremely Red Hair d. Trump Reads the Snake
  9. Information Control a. Cruz – Accumulation of Power by Big Tech b. Maher Goes Off on Big Tech
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