Let's build a landing page for your small business, business idea or product launch. These are the simplest type of website -- Consisting of just one page. Yet, it is also the quickest way to build a website, and the best for your budget.

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I've been designing websites for my clients for years. I have built several of each of these types of websites. You can visit my portfolio here: https://jurinaenterprises.com/website-design-services/

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🐸 How to use Gab Social for Small Business Marketing: https://tv.gab.com/channel/sarahjurina/view/how-to-use-gab-social-for-60df348f122d75ab08716ed8

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Affiliate Links: I am a partner with Constant Contact, therefore, if you sign up using my link, I do receive a part of the commission. I have used and trusted Constant Contact for myself and my clients for over five years. They continue to provide new tools, upgrade the existing ones, and help their customers succeed.

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