1. Involuntary Commitment a. Explosive New Yorker Investigation Details Britney Spears – Nightmare b. Washington mother fights for lower threshold of involuntary commitment during mental health crisis
  2. COVID a. Fauci Refuses to Show Up for Covid Origins Hearing and Rep Jordan CALLS HIM OUT b. Biden – we need to go door to door c. Hey You Mask Up d. Science Expert Exposed as Communist on Air e. We will be going door-to-door to Americans who have not been vaccinated
  3. Culture War a. Canadian Police Come To Man's Door Over Facebook Post b. Chicago Alderman Slams Mayor After Bloody 4th of July Weekend c. Facebook Fact Checker Squirms on TV d. Lauren Boebert SLAMS Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Over Election Interference e. Matthew Dowd- January 6 Was Worse Than 9-11 f. Progressive School Explains How They Brainwash Children
  4. Gas Prices Under Biden Are Highest In Decade
  5. I won't be going to his funeral - Branson's wife
  6. Tucker Carlson today explores -the opioid epidemic
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NATO’s new masterplan to deter Moscow, including with nuclear weapons, looks like an attempt to stay relevant amid the military advancements of Russia and China, former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin...
Farmers from the Atlixco region in central Mexico cut cempasuchil flowers, which are used to adorn altars and tombs on the “Day of the Dead” celebrations on 1 and 2 November. According to the traditio...
The other day a group of criminals attempted to rob a gas station in Yuma, Arizona. It didn't go as they planned there former Marine, James Kilcer was...

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