How I Started an Online Business from Home (and quit my job) | Sarah Jurina

Saturday, July 17th 2021, 8:20:10 pm
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I started an online business from home that enabled me to quit my job. This video goes over my story, lessons I learned, and useful tips for you as you start your own online business from home (or any business).

I provide website design, social media marketing and email marketing for my small business owner clients. However, I went through several failed business ideas prior to finding the right one. It felt like I was stuck in the same place without ever getting off the ground. So I hope this video will provide you with some answers on how to start an online business so you, too, can find freedom!

This video includes: How I found clients, a check-list of how to test your business idea, the kind of business model I have, and how I knew it was time to quit my job.

----- Video Chapters -----

  1. Getting Off the Ground at 0:59
  2. Trying Out a Business Idea at 4:01
  3. Lies that I Kept Hearing at 9:26
  4. When to Quit your Job at 13:08

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