Back to Biblical Basics (Part One) | The Berean Call

Wednesday, July 21st 2021, 12:59:41 pm
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July 2021 Newsletter

Biblical basics: why are they so important to revisit?

First and foremost, if I don’t know the fundamentals of what I claim to believe, I can’t live it out in truth. I can’t understand it, nor can I teach it or share it.

Men who are biblical Christians, Scripture declares, are to be the spiritual heads of our households (Ephesians 5:22-23). This means that we are to teach our wives and children what the Word of God says.

If I don’t know the fundamentals of the faith, I can’t teach the faith with any sense of accuracy. If what I’m sharing is not accurate, then it’s not the faith that Jude tells us was “once for all delivered unto the saints.” Knowing the fundamentals, therefore, is critical in just about every area of life. How so?

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