Birds Are Exploding!!! | Kevin Maxwell

Wednesday, August 18th 2021, 12:31:05 pm
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Exploding Birds

Dr. Dan Stock - comprehensive COVID explanation - MUST WATCH

Do Not Talk to neighbors

How to get COVID-19 Medication

Mass Psychosis

$50 Surcharge by employers for not being vax

City Council passes resolution encouraging vax as "act of love"

CDC urges pregnant women to get vaccinated!

People trapped in flooded elevator

Walmart Mandates empees to wear masks. Mgrs vax mandate.

As Worker Shortages Continue, Walmart Gives Out Bonuses To Stop Employees From Quitting

CDC amends Florida痴 COVID-19 numbers after pushback from state officials

FDA set to approve third vaccine dose for immunocompromised

Nearly 80 percent of Americans blame Biden for inflation surge: poll

DHS Suggests Opposition To COVID-19 Restrictions Could Make Someone A Domestic Terrorism Threat

Biden Administration Now Offering Cash To Florida School Districts Who Defy Gov. DeSantis・Ban On Mask Mandates

Los Angeles to require vaccinations to buy groceries

Outrageous': Biden blasted over report of 'vaccine passport' for interstate travel

Most vaccine-hesitate group is also the most highly educated

Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day

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