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Wednesday, November 10th 2021, 5:18:06 am
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In the New Testament of the Bible, Romans 1:18 and following tell us the evidence for God's existence is clear, compelling, and comprehensive, that all people know God by what He has created, and that God has made His existence, power, and divine nature known to all people such that unbelief is without excuse. The evidence for God’s existence and nature is obvious and known by all people intuitively and immediately, but suppressed and denied because God as the supreme authority and sovereign Lord of the universe opposes the unbeliever’s presumption of their own ultimate authority and independence from God. God as Lord over all means that we are not free to live any way we desire without facing the consequences of God’s judgment for our sin. People deny God’s existence because they do not like the implications of God’s righteous authority, not because they lack evidence.

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